About us

About us

We are Raphael and Brigitte and we live together with our dogs in the beautifull Belgium city of Genk situated in Limburg by the water.

Years ago i (Brigitte) was allready active as a hobby breeder.
Those times it was indeed with a different breed/race.
Namely the beautifull Collie Rough.

We surely put our passion and dedication into it.
In collaboration with my daughter we visit the necessary exhibitions were we also achieved some nice titles.

The highlight of them all was the Crufts exhibition. This is the happening that every passionate breeder needs to experience.
This was quite an experience.

During my research i had visit several English breeders to make sure i know exactly what i want and also what i did’nt want. Our kennel name those days was : Sacrafice Collies.

From 2004 we did’nt have any litters due to certain circumstances.
However, the microbe started to breed in 2013 and than my partner and i decided to go for a complete different breed.

We chose a beautifull black labrador which we named Sem.
We purchased him by a decent breeder in Holland.

He is a very sweet dog with a nice character, you can really say that he’s the Apple of Raphael’s eyes.
They go swimming together and enjoy nice walks outside. And if by any chance we walk by a mud puddle you can be sure that Sem have seen it.

Sem is a real worker, he is also allways so cheerfull and happy.
He also ensures that our ladies can safely skips around here since he is a excellent watchdog.

But me myself missed the grooming and the brushing as well as the grace.
Sem was also to strong for me to work with.
I missed the hobby breeding, the cozinnes of a litter, working with pupies as well as the excitement of finding the right partner for your lady.

At that moment we decide to look further. One thing was clear : we wanted a dog that can be a good friend and play along with our Sem. A dog that was calm, but could also work well and was less strong.
We prefer a variety with a low shedding coat.

In our search we fell in love with the doodles of our colleague breeder Labradoodlemanie.
We enter the place and there they were 6 ladies walking around happily frolicking around without growling and barking and besides they didn’t have no odor and no hair.

Thats when we realized it was love at first sight. That’s where we purchased our first 2 ladies.

After we bought our first lady we also started thinking about a new kennel name.And that’s how we got the beautiful kennel name: Day Dream Doodles.
It surely is a dream come true for both of us.

We are a small breeder who only breeds according to the strict rules of the WALA.
Our ladies live in our house, go with us on vacations and are just part of the family.

We have also been a host family a few times, so the experience from the past had immediately returned.

Since our granddaughter regularly visits the house and play with the puppie are ther also used to small children.And that’s how our little kennel started.

With kind regards,